2 x Anusol Suppositories 24 (3 Way action)

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2 x Anusol Suppositories 24 (3 Way action)

Product description

Suitable for soothing relief from internal piles in adults. Anusol's haemorrhoid treatment suppositories are made for the relief of internal haemorrhoids and other related ano-rectal conditions - such as such as pruritus ani, proctitis and anal fissures.

Piles can affect up to one in two people, causing discomfort, embarrassment and even pain. The good news is you're not alone. Anusol's range of products are proven to offer a safe and effective piles treatment to help soothe, protect and prevent irritation.

Anusol suppositories provide a triple action treatment, shrinking piles, relieving discomfort and soothing itching. The formula also helps to reduce swelling, thanks to its antiseptic and protective properties, with active ingredients of Bismuth oxide, Zinc oxide, Balsam Peru and Bismuth subgallate. This helps to effectively target haemorrhoids for fast-acting internal relief, as well as promoting the growth of epithelial cells for a long term improvement.

How to use: Remove wrapper and insert one suppository into the anus at night, in the morning and after each bowel evacuation. Not to be taken orally. Suppositories can be combined with Anusol Haemorrhoids Treatment Cream, for its lubricating properties and for maximising the effects. If symptoms persist or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor or a pharmacist.

Anusol is a trusted brand for the millions of people who suffer with haemorrhoids at some point in their lives. Anusol understand that it's something people may feel embarrassed about, but there's no need to suffer in silence. Anusol range of treatment options include creams and ointments to suppositories and wipes, designed by experts, to soothe itching, relieve discomfort and calm inflammation. For fast, long-lasting relief from piles trust Anusol.