Daktarin Aktiv Cream, 15g

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Daktarin Aktiv Cream, 15g

Product Description

Daktarin Aktiv Cream - Antifungal Cream For Athletes Foot

Daktarin Aktiv Cream is suitable for athlete's foot which is often accompanied by itchy, cracked skin. It has an active anti-fungal/anti-bacterial agent that fights the infection.

Signs and symptoms of athlete's foot often include:

  • Cracking and peeling of skin between the toes
  • Areas of white, dead skins
  • Itching or soreness


Daktarin® Aktiv Cream Miconazole Nitrate 2% w/w
Also contains: PEG-6, PEG-32 and Glycol Stearate, Oleoyl Macroglycerides, Liquid Paraffin, E 210, E 320, Water


Wash the infected skin and dry it well. Apply cream to affected area twice daily. Continue to use the cream for 7 days after symptoms have cleared to prevent them coming back. If symptoms persist or irritation occurs, consult your pharmacist or doctor.

Please read the enclosed leaflet before use.

For external use only. Always read the label.

Safety Warning

Keep all medicines out of sight and reach of children. For external use only. Do not use more than the recommended dose. Read the enclosed patient information leaflet before use.